City Hall Courtyard

SBH with ShiftSpace and Digsau collaborated on a response for The Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia Heart of the Community Grant Philadelphia City Hall Courtyard RFQ.

Our purpose: To design an innovative, modular, multi-purpose platform for the City Hall Courtyard. Philadelphia’s City Hall is an extraordinary artificial landscape with an extraordinary history. Defined by movement and passage, the courtyard reflects the transience of our dynamic world.

Our team had a blast generating our proposal! The approach encompassed three zones: the ground plane, the plane of the sky, and the zone which is occupied by visitors to the space.

Courtyard Rendering (ShiftSpace, Digsau, Studio|Bryan Hanes)

Courtyard Rendering (ShiftSpace, Digsau, Studio|Bryan Hanes)

In the spirit of friendly competition, we congratulate Sikora Wells Appel for winning the competition! You can read about their design here and make sure to pay a visit to the pop up this summer.