Winter Blues?

Us too. So, to combat the cold and dreary Winter, we're thinking of our favorite plants... 

Meet Rhus typhina, otherwise known as staghorn sumac, a tree that belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, the sumac or cashew family (related species include notably cashew, mango, and poison ivy). This is a colony forming plant with velvety branches and ornamental fruits.


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Results are in: PRODUCTIVE CITIES, Europan14, Tornio/Haparanda

"THE ENGAGEMENT" is the title of our collaborative submission to the Europan14 competition. We're delighted to report that our team (SBH +  StudioMB) won second place!

1Final boards 7.8.jpg

Thank you to all our team members, and we'd like to give a special shout out to our very own Rebekah Armstrong, for leading the landscape architectural effort on SBH's behalf.

2Final boards 7.8.jpg


3Final boards 7.8.jpg