Studio Bryan Hanes was founded in 2008 by Bryan Hanes.  Through multiple office experiences, including nearly a decade at the internationally acclaimed office of Olin Partnership, Bryan has been involved in the transformation of major public spaces across the country and around the world.  


Studio Bryan Hanes is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design studio based in Philadelphia.  We are focused on the creation of socially and ecologically sustainable spaces.  We draw inspiration from the arts and sciences to reveal the history, culture, and environmental conditions of a place through timeless yet innovative design.

We believe that strong, clear schemes, expressed with thoughtful restraint, refined detailing, and lasting materials which provide functional accommodation and aesthetic richness, offer a platform for timeless civic environments.  

We model our studio on an iterative academic design process that emphasizes exploration and experimentation.  Through meaningful collaboration, we strive for the creation of place with social purpose and ecological integrity.  Our portfolio of work and active community outreach reflect our commitment to the public realm.  In looking beyond the boundaries of any single discipline, we address the broader ecological, economic, social, and cultural systems and processes inherent to every site and project. 


We strive to create places that enrich human experience and express artful celebration of the everyday.  We draw inspiration from the dynamic processes of nature while engaging the complex social issues of the urban contexts in which we work.  

Our commitment to the possibilities of the urban realm and the natural environment comes from a belief that appropriate planning and design can affect positive change that spurs social interaction and economic growth.  We utilize and create environmentally innovative strategies, and our urban projects demonstrate our understanding of the complexities of building in a modern environment. We engage the owner, public and stakeholders from the outset of the design process, to incorporate their views and ideas, and build consensus throughout the design process.

We are actively involved in teaching landscape architecture and design, and frequently participate in lectures and design studios, believing that thoughtful exchange contributes to the continuing development of the individual practitioner and the profession.


We facilitate collaboration.  Significant and complex problems are not solved by an individual.  We respect and celebrate the talents, skills, and opinions of those in our studio, our design team, the client team, and the community and embrace the teamwork necessary to successfully realize a project.

To provide solutions responsive to the communities in which we work, we immerse ourselves in investigations of the environmental, cultural and economic conditions that ultimately define the inherent opportunities of the project.

We believe that the success of a public space is revealed through the social life that evolves there.  We work closely with the client and the community to understand their needs and desires and conceive a program that connects with those that will inhabit the space. 

We engage in an iterative planning and design process that promotes investigation of ideas through research, dialogue, drawing and critique.  This process may reveal new directions, expose undiscovered opportunities or confirm the original impression.

We believe that every project holds an opportunity for original solutions. Exploring appropriate opportunities for innovation in design, use or construction technologies is predicated on an understanding of the limitations of conventional solutions.

We strive to create a space that is well attended by a diverse population, and we believe that providing functional accommodation for users of all ages and abilities is paramount to the long-term success of a public space. 

We like to build things.  A deep interest in materials and advanced construction technologies allows for the successful execution of complex design concepts.  While we revel in the design process, a project is only as successful as its ultimate realization.



Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

340 N. 12th Street, Suite 415

Philadelphia, PA 19107