Mount Moriah Cemetery is an approximately 142-acre historic cemetery that straddles two counties and Cobb’s Creek. Poorly maintained for decades prior to its closure in 2011, the cemetery is currently in receivership and maintained solely by a group of volunteers. Even in its present fragile state, Mount Moriah Cemetery is a historic and cultural resource of regional importance, a sacred space, and an important green asset in Southwest Philadelphia and the borough of Yeadon.

Studio Bryan Hanes as part of a consultant team led by Fairmount Ventures engaged in a 12-month strategic planning study to create a vision and recommendations for the cemetery, charting a way forward and garnering outside support. The studio performed a landscape inventory and analysis of existing conditions and is developing a 3-5 year short-term vision for site planning, operations, and management along with a prioritized list of tasks for year 1 and, looking to the future, a set of recommendations to enhance long-term stewardship. 


Location: Philadelphia / Yeadon, PA

Lead Consultant: Fairmount Ventures