VEIL GARDEN | Les Jardins de Métis

Studio Bryan Hanes was selected from among 276 entrants for the 11th Edition of the Festival International de Jardins 2010.

The International Garden Festival, set on the site of Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens in Quebec, Canada is recognized as one of the two leading annual garden festivals in the world.

This reinterpretation of an ancient garden form is updated to speak to contemporary life.  The spiritual sustenance of the four elements is metaphorically represented; reconnecting the viewer to the basic necessities of life, and exposing the beauty of a raw, flourishing landscape. In modern culture, we’re often disconnected from these elements and how each is necessary for survival. The new allegory contributes to this dialogue; between emotion and materiality, comfort and necessity.

The Veil Garden’s popularity has secured its place among the more permanent installations in the festival. Studio Bryan Hanes has been invited back for nine consecutive seasons to make adaptations to the existing Veil Garden and will return in 2019 for tenth and final iteration of this project.


Location: Quebec, Canada

Architecture: DIGSAU